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Bridging the Gap Between The Media and FinTech

We sat with the co-founder of the world’s first and only fintech newspaper, The FinTech Times on a blustery morning in London to discuss the origins of the newspaper, the importance of the media in taking fintech mainstream and plans for the Times to support the industry on this journey. The FinTech Times may be the world’s only fintech newspaper, but Katia Lang reveals in this exclusive interview, that it’s much, much bigger than that!

FTC: As the World’s first and only newspaper dedicated to fintech, can you tell us how the idea for FinTech Times come about?

The FinTech Times: It evolved from an edition of Disrupts magazine, the headline was “Fintech Is Not Boring”. We piloted a newspaper the following month in September 2015, and fully launched in January 2016.


FTC: Can you enlighten us on the most riveting or unexpected news that has crossed your desk since then?

The FinTech Times: This time last year we asked our members ‘What’s the most investable fintech sector was going to be in 2017. They correctly predicted artificial intelligence, our members are fintech experts.


FTC: How is The FinTech Times different to other newspapers?

The FinTech Times: We have over 300 companies as members. As part of our media system we created a news agency, a means for tech companies to reach into the media. It’s called and it’s a dedicated finance and technology news agency. We’re way more than just a pretty newspaper you know!


FTC: How important is media coverage for UK-based fintechs and what is the best way for an early-stage challenger to gain access to reputable media outlets?

The FinTech Times: Right this is important. Fintech absolutely HAS to go mainstream, both B2B fintech and B2C fintech. It has to. Otherwise the industry will get stuck in ‘early adopter’ phase, and the potential market will be 90% untapped. Fintech companies need to go mainstream, the whole sector needs to, and access to mainstream media is key to this.


FTC: Okay, so how is FinTech Times driving fintech into the mainstream?

The FinTech Times: Glad you asked. First of all, our newspaper is posted to over 150 journalists and writers at every mainstream newspaper and media company. The Times receives our newspaper. The FT receives our newspaper. The BBC receives our newspaper. Literally every mainstream media and news agency receives The FinTech Times every month. So if you’re in The FinTech Times you’re on the desk of hundreds of mainstream journalists and editors and researchers. It’s about reaching influencers.

Secondly, we are in the process of giving these hundreds of mainstream journalists access to our entire news agency database of companies. We’ve just launched our sixth website ( to connect our news agency members to every other media company and journalist.

So by being in you’re not just apart of the coverage in The Fintech Times and all our digital media, you’re part of a system that is accessed by every other media.

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