Europe’s most exciting, full eco-system fintech event is back – bigger, better and busier than ever with 200+ Exhibitors & Partners, 300+ Expert Speakers, 5000+ Attendees, 6 Dedicated Conferences

FinTech Connect Global is the leading event which large teams from major banks, insurers, capital market firms and investors attend to assess and make informed buying decisions on the latest innovations that are changing the face of the sector. And it is where top fintechs come to meet finance professionals who seek a competitive differential for their businesses as well as investors who seek the next fast growth investment opportunity and advisors who can help them grow.

Playing host to 6 strategic conference sessions with inspirational case studies from around the world, an interactive exhibition of c. 200 fintechs, the renowned Start Up Launch Pad with a tech demo theatre at it’s heart, over 50 product demos, and 10 strategic workshops tackling typical fast growth challenges, FinTech Connect Global is the ‘must have ticket’ for stakeholders from across the full fintech eco-system.

Get connected – 200+ partners & exhibitors and 5000+ attendees from across all aspects of fintech, makes FinTech Connect Global Europe’s finest full ecosystem financial innovation expo. Meet potential customers, partners, suppliers or investors on the extensive show floor.

Gain advantage – Attend the onsite conference sessions & hear experts share their perspectives across many different areas of fintech. Crucially these are not merely hypothetical theories on market conditions, but practical examples of best-in-class technology selection, development & implementation, and collaboration models that work, supplemented by scores of live demos featuring amazing innovative fintechs.

Dedicated Conferences include: Accelerating Digital Transformation / Reimagining IT Infrastructure / InsurTech Evolution / Powering Merchant PayTech / RegTech & Security Insights / Fast Growth Founders Forum.

Critical insight – No matter where you sit within the fintech ecosystem, FinTech Connect Global has something for everyone: a large scale expo, large scale conferences with strategic discussion based sessions, keynote presentations, interactive workshops, facilitated mentoring and networking to name a few. Assess the latest innovations hitting the market by visiting the Start Up Launch Pad Zone and Tech Demo Theatre, and watch up to 50 product demos from leading fintech players, or source solutions from over other 150 exhibitors.