Screen-Shot-2014-01-27-at-10.10.35-PM-1024x570Our workshop sessions are deliberately designed to help business leaders to overcome many of the typical challenges that they will face as they look to either launch or grow their operations. Whether it’s high performance team building, an accelerated route to full regulatory compliance, or a step by step guide on how to work with banks, the FinTech Connect Live workshop hosts are there to help you achieve your business goals, and will explore the following issues in-depth through 7 workshops over the 2 days. Lasting between 30 minutes to 1 hour 30, workshops give you an opportunity to really get to grips with a subject and fully consider what it could mean for your business. If the following issues are of interest make sure you register your interest, to mark down the time, and add it your schedule:



Workshop schedule

DAY 1: Tuesday 6th December


Exit options and structures – Getting your business fit for exit

This workshop, aimed at entrepreneurs, start-ups and fast-growing businesses, will take you through the process of planning a suitable exit strategy. Specifically, the speakers will draw on their own experience and expertise to offer you an overview of the different exit structures (trade sale, private equity, listing etc.) and how to determine the correct exit strategy for your business, as well as practical tips on getting your house in order to make any due diligence process as smooth as possible.

Delivered by James Paton-Philip, Senior Associate, CorporateIrwin Mitchell



Analysing Fintech profitability and growth

John will present NovitasFTCL’s unique research into the actual growth and profits of European fintech businesses.  The work is based upon a detailed analysis of the financial results of over 500 Fintech companies including listed, established privately owned and start-up entities.  He will also examine how this data correlates with deal valuations.

Delivered by John Gilligan, Founding Partner, NovitasFTCL




Powering alternative payments – How the Fintech world can compete in the global market

The 2008 economic crisis created an overwhelming demand for real change within the UK banking sector… a demand that could be fulfilled by alternative Fintech providers like Contis. There are over 2 million adults in the UK who do not have access to a bank account and c.7 million households that are still unable to access affordable credit.  With the pressures of Universal Credit and benefit reforms, many people are struggling to manage their finances and this has increased debt, expensive pay day lending and predatory loan sharks in poorer communities.  The UK’s credit unions are at the forefront to remove financial exclusion within their communities.   They can effectively target the people currently not serviced by lending banks. However, c.70% of communities are still unaware of what a credit union is, or what they provide. As a result, membership is showing signs of decline.  Despite government funding, they have still not created a true bank-like product for their members’ or a nationally-recognised brand.

Contis Group created ‘Engage’ – the unique national brand and holistic low-cost, banking and payment programme with advanced technology. Designed both for the credit unions and their community partners; and credit union members, with the aim of:
• Ultimately providing an award-winning, full banking service offering that will help drive credit union growth and increase their revenues whilst cutting administration duties and costs.
• Introducing a low-cost ethical approach to banking to help people who have limited or no access to banking facilities – giving financial independence and choice.
• Providing the UK credit unions with an all-encompassing approach and ‘common’ identity to help extend the movements’ accessibility to community groups – producing one 3rd sector mainstream banking challenger.

Delivered by Peter Cox, Executive Chairman & FounderContis Group



RegTech collaboration between Financial Institutions and FinTechs

“RegTech is the new FinTech” has been a catchphrase of 2016, but where are the opportunities, where does the regulator stand and how do financial institutions and FinTech companies collaborate effectively to make RegTech a reality? Join this workshop with law firm Hogan Lovells who advise both the banks and the new RegTech companies in this growing area.

Delivered by Rachel Kent, Head of Financial Institutions Group, Hogan Lovells

& Emily Reid, Partner, Hogan Lovells

DAY 2: Wednesday 7th December


How high-growth start-ups handle issues in regulation and access to capital

The team at global law firm Hogan Lovells has been working with high-growth start-ups for a number of years. They know that access to capital sources and dealing with regulatory requirements are two of the main issues start-ups face. They have built this workshop to help you navigate the legal and regulatory issues you might be facing as you expand and scale-up and will be demonstrating their recently launched regulatory accelerator tool, which supports start-ups with regulatory authorisation.

Delivered by Richard Diffenthal, PartnerHogan Lovells

Jenny Steven, DirectorHogan Lovells

& Philippa Verrecchia, Senior Associate, Hogan Lovells



Leveraging new digital capabilities to create a culture of Employee-Centricity

As co-founders of Chappuis Halder, a consulting firm specialized in Financial Services, Patrick Bucquet and Stéphane Eyraud will share their conclusions on strategies used by FS players over the past few years to leverage digital innovation internally – and the way they are today switching from a product-centric model to an employee-centric model based on employees’ added value to raise strategic digital opportunities.

Delivered by Stéphane Eyraud, Senior Partner, CEO & Co-Founder, Chappuis Halder

& Patrick Bucquet, Co-founder, Senior Partner, Group Chief Digital Officer, Chappuis Halder




Why start-ups can fail and how to increase their likelihood of success

John is a business and technology transformation specialist where while acting as COO, CTO and CEO he has gained extensive expertise of generating sustainable growth with businesses of various sizes from Fintech and other technology start-ups through to large international technology and service providers, in this workshop John will discuss his tips to avoid business failure and to increase the likelihood on business success. In recent years John has established a reputation as a man to turn to when a business is stalling or under performing.

Delivered by John Greig, Interim Transformational Technology & Operations Director, Bellquest Services Ltd